Learners inherit the earth.

Change is not new for us humans. Nor is disruption. We have coped up with the challenges it brought and survived. (I am categorically avoiding the phrase ’emerged victorious’, though it was natural autocomplete suggestion by mind.)

When I say coped up, there are few things to note. Most of the changes occurred over few generations and our natural evolution (mind-body) helped us through it. Story of survival is not that of individuals but of species. What is different now?

Some of us belongs to a generation who saw things change over lifetime. People (most) followed same careers over lifetime. Earlier to that same occupation and way of doing things would serve multiple generations. Tables have turned now- it is going to be multiple occupations in a single lifetime. Many of job roles becoming obsolete very quickly. So are the business models of organisations. Thanks to knowledge economy, the rate of innovations is still rising. Disruption is visibly fast. (Some are worried and some excited about it. Chaos brings opportunities to those who can find patterns in it and connect dots.)

Individuals and organisations who want not just to survive but ’emerge victorious’, mantra is ‘continuous learning’. Short, sweet, but not so simple. Staying ahead in a crowded space: where many others have access to similar avenues of ‘continuous learning’ as you are not that simple, you will agree. ‘Continuous learning’ being necessary but not sufficient ingredient, how will you and your organization find ‘competitive edge’?

Learners inherit the earth.

Entrepreneur’Ship in the Storm.’

Entrepreneurship is a trade-off between risks and rewards. With right approach we can minimize the risk and take rewards to maximum, not just for you but for your customer too. That’s why one gets into Entrepreneurship: building a better world by disruption.

The Red Color or Danger Sign or Old Wisdom of Caution about something is not always for stopping. But sometimes to move ahead with confidence and strategy. You achieve glory by taking risks. Follow BABA (bold and beautiful approach)

In Peter Theil’s words,

All I can gather from my experiences is failure is not as bad as not taking initiative. And chance of impact can be increased by partnerships with right people and groups. The art of using bricks thrown at your head in building steps to success can be learnt.